Wake Up Hearts

Wake Up Hearts
Wake Up Hearts is a site for songs, speeches, art, writing, poetry, photos, and creative works with messages about peace and love. We are all given gifts that the world needs


All Children Here, by Selia Qynn

Don't Want To Fight -- part of a song that needs your help to finish


Everyone Leaves Us, by Mark Davis


Bring The Village Back, by Anon



~ This is a good time of year to remind people to be peaceful ~

Please, help the world by writing about PEACE !!!

Are you an artist? A songwriter? A photographer? A writer? A speaker? Your heartfelt creations are happily accepted and shared! Please consider sharing your original work to post on this site. We all benefit the more peaceful thoughts are heard and heeded.

There are many broken people ... we are all connected.
Let's conquer injustice and hate with PEACE and LOVE ~

Mail comments and questions on submitting your original work to WakeUpHearts

If you don't have artistic gifts to contribute and want to help conquer injustice and spread the message for peace, please

Thank you

last updated November 2014